Bad Foxy

Of course,foxy免費音樂下載,Foxy is not afox,he's adog.This boy came my home since the day before yesterday,and he have never bring me areally rest.
From his bron to now,it's just 20 days.It means he have just known how to walk and he also fell down when he running.En.let me see,he's yellow and grey and white,long 20cm,may be.In fact,he is small everywhere.With small body,small eyes,small ears.You see,he's lovely but not abeautiful boy.
The first day he came home,he sleeped all the day time--in fact he sleeping after eating,and after eating after sleeping.Then he was playing and noisey all the night.He brak in"wuwu~"But it's real noise and Ididn't sleep well that night.
Bad Foxy!
The wosest,he didn't know where is WC.It means,in his mind,everywhere in my house is WC.In aresurt,a poor man clean his shit anytime,and the man is me.呵呵,高中畢業的一點點水平.出來擺弄擺弄.獻丑了.
--wcwcwwwc007(Email)評論於2007-06-18 18:49:31呵呵,看了你的文章,真的由衷的佩服你!佩服你比我強多了,我都不會英文--封林(Email)評論於2007-06-18 13:15:35那張圖片真的很象FOXS.

--wcwcwwwc007(Email)評論於2007-06-18 11:01:33