今天有個超煩的美國人打電話來問種什麼醬我們有沒有說了半天我愣是弄不明白是什麼醬大部分亞洲食品翻成英文以後就是面目全非的了.特別是日文的直接把它門日文的發音用字母拼寫出來.完全無根據可尋.舉例:Teriyaki Sauce Sauce是英文醬的意思.Teriyaki是日文.翻過來是燒烤醬奶奶個熊回來說那美國大媽.在那喃啊."What else you can use to cook fish""I dont know,i dont cook western food""Shame yourself,you people are the best cooker in the world and you dont cook""sorry,i'm too lasy to cook,coz my wife is cooking for me(not yet,but soon:em26:)""Oh good,you are smart,you have someone else to cook for you,i dont blame you,i'm just saying you are smart,foxy下載區,nice life(or wife沒聽清),So what do you have to cook fish"有沖動想咔她電話鳥."Umm.We do have aspecific soy sauce for fish cooking.""I dont think you can fry fish with soy sauce,i have tried,it was*&)^)&)*)*^&$^#%%#@%#$^%%.)沒心情聽了."You can steam the fish with the soy sauce ihave mentioned"重復了三遍纔讓她停下."Any one else knows how to cook?"我覺悟了.她丫的不是空虛就是老找碴的."you may wana call tomorrow morning,we have alot people have great cooking skill in morning shift"偶開始推卸責任."I'm cooking fish tonight,and you know what?No one else is home,i hope igot the money to go to Legal Sea Food(這最有名的海鮮餐館)":em215:太極雲手把話筒交給前臺小妞.我不玩了.20分鍾後.解決戰斗.買了瓶可樂獎勵了下這小妞.原來美國人當中也不伐唐僧的傳人.剛發現.(其實臺山大叔侃起來纔叫恐怖,不過我不會聽臺山話,所以一般來說不會輪到我去招架.)