Foxy family.

Last autumn,I bought an off-white hoodie for myself and ablack hoodie for hubs while shopping at FOX.Remember only wearing it once to Nanjing.As for hubs,I think he wore only once to Shanghai.
It was meant to be a情侶裝but we never had the chance to wear it to somewhere cold enough together.Yesterday after the check-up,I went to pick Licia up so we could have lunch at Marina and do some window-shopping.Walked past the FOX shop and saw that their autumn/winter has once again hit the stores.Licia was the one who wanted to check out their collections but when we emerged,guess what Ihad in hand.
....So cute right!=DDD Now not only Mummy&Daddy has one.our little baby has one too.Heheheehehe.Back at home,Mummy Ang couldn't help but keep smiling and commenting on how cute it really was.but as for Daddy Ang."你們穿這樣出門,人家會講你們是一群hu li啊!哈哈哈!",foxy 軟體;-.-/Ignore.Wahahahaahaa!;P